3 Ordinary Sports Betting Traps – Understand and Avoid Them


Even if you are not a regular sports bettor, there is no need to lose your hard-earned money on wagers that will not get returns. After all, sport bookies want to make money while bettors want to beat the odds. If you are a smart bettor, you should be able to pinpoint betting traps and ensure you always bet on the best possible odds to improve your chances of winning.

So, without much ado, here are the three sports betting traps that you should stay away from under all circumstances:

  1. Getting Swept by Hype

If you are smart bettor, you will ensure that you check the handicap. You will analyze different teams and determine, on your own, how a game will turn out. However, if you are a hasty sports bettor, you will forget about the handicap. Instead, you will get taken in by the hype media tends to build up on high-voltage games. For instance, in online betting in India, the excitement around certain IPL teams may prevent you from discerning the actual winner. You may be taken in by the hype around a player, an injury or anything else.

Remember, this type of excitement around sports games are common as sportsbooks and media try to make something seem better than what it really is. While you are free to place bets on a team that is always in media attention, ensure you check and analyze facts before placing your bets. This will improve your odds of winning.

  1. Always Favoring Certain Teams

In sports, there are always teams that are more attractive than others. It is easy to get excited about the Indian cricket team or an IPL franchise. Don’t let favorites play spoilsport. While you can always have a favorite team, when it comes to sports betting, you need an unbiased view on each team by judging and analyzing each team’s potential and ability to win. It is only then you should place your bets.

Always look for games where you stand a higher chance of winning. Forget about whether the game is interesting or your favorite team is playing. You should look at your wins and losses, and that is what matters in sports betting.

  1. Taking Tips and Insights on Face Value

Sports has become big business, and different gurus and pundits constantly talk and write about their views. It is a good thing to read these insights and analysis, but don’t get swayed by them. Enhancing your knowledge about different sports is always beneficial. However, if you blindly accept analyses without doing your own, be prepared to lose money.

If you are a smart sports bettor, you will never bet on hearsay and the endless analyses and insights that are available prior to each game. Instead, you will go out of your way to digest every piece of information and then do your own research to place bets on the best team.

The Bottom Line

There are many other online betting traps that you can fall into, but the above mentioned are the most common. Remember, being a smart bettor is about weighing pros and cons, and your knowledge to ensure the best outcome.

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