A Biker’s Guide to Choose the Right Riding Gear

If you have just stared riding motorcycle, you might want to know how to buy the right riding gear. After figuring out which motorcycle to buy or learning how to ride motorcycles, people generally want to figure out what gear to buy as well. So, to make sure you make good decisions and be more comfortable and safe and also save money while doing so, here is a simple biker’s guide for choosing the right gear for riding a bike.

Whether you want to buy body armor like Forcefield Armor or any other riding gear, this quick guide can help in selecting the right ones.

  1. Helmets:

There are many different types of helmets out of which which the common ones are open face, three quarter type and full face helmets. You should prefer buying a full face helmet as opposed to the other types as the other types do not cover your face and most bike accidents harm the area, which isn’t covered in open face and three quarter type helmets. You should also purchase the helmet according to the size and shape of your head as every person’s head size is unique. Try on helmets and determine your size before finalizing one.

  1. Jackets:

This is another important protective riding gear that every biker should have. It protects the fragile parts of your body like organs, ribs, back, arms etc. You should choose a jacket, which is specific to motorcycles for the highest comfort and safety. These jackets generally fall in two categories: textile and leather. High quality textile can withstand abrasion just like a leather jacket would and if the jacket comes with water resistant membranes then you would be safe from bad weather as well. Leather jackets are a bit more expensive, but they are really trendy and look and fit perfectly.

  1. Pants:

Normal denim jeans could protect you from light abrasion, but for more abrasion resistance, you should go for jeans that include Kevlar panels or are made from them. These are also available as leather and textile and have armor in the knees, shins and hips. They are really comfortable and allow easily articulation of the legs.

  1. Gloves and Boots:

Motorcycle gloves should fully cover your entire hand from your fingers to your wrists. The glove should have a retention strap so that it stays in your hand during accident as well.

Generally, bikers wear boots which are sturdy and oil-resistant. This means that the soles should not slip away from the feet and the support for your ankle would also be available. The sole should have a metal plate that goes through the sole, which prevents the sole from twisting.

Of course, if you want to purchase the entire setup at one go, you can go for biker suits as well. They are very subtle and would protect your body from both the elements around and the crashes as well. They are just a little expensive as compared to the above mentioned things. Bike gear is must, so you should narrow down everything you are going to buy and buy within your budget.

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