Choose Synthetic Grass for Your Field or Playground

Having a synthetic surface for sports facilities is something that many owners of sports teams, universities, schools, and local governments have done for quite some time. The popularity of this type of field proves one thing: this is a great idea if you want consistency and low maintenance.

In addition, over the past four or five decades, technology has improved the performance and appearance of this type of cover. If you are thinking about using synthetic grass surfaces for your sports fields, tennis courts, or another open surface, you can have experienced help with this important project.

Excellent Idea

There are qualified companies near you who have been working in this industry for nearly 50 years, providing the best surfaces for private use and for clubs, schools, and institutional facilities. The uses range from grass on your tennis court that not only looks very real but performs as well if not better than natural grass to a massive, world-class soccer complex that is approved for international competition.

Many local schools have playgrounds that are covered with asphalt, small stone/gravel, or even grass, though this last one tends to deteriorate with time and the weather. With the outstanding new synthetic surfaces, the students can exercise safely and stay clean while the school district saves money on maintenance.


The area will be inviting for the children, and will stand up to the hard use that comes from active people running and jumping. Many schools and organisations see this option as an investment in the future because the material will last a long time, providing years of use that grass and asphalt cannot match.

Expert Workmanship

The leading providers of synthetic grass can design your project for you with bright colours that you will be proud to have on your property. The technology used for this process gives you a resilient playing surface that is not abrasive like gravel, asphalt, and the grass/dirt combination on many areas. The area can be used safely around the clock and may even enhance the performance of those using it. Best of all, synthetic grass is kind to the environment because there is no need for herbicide use, mowing, and other activities that may cause damage.

Choose a company that has extensive experience in the design and installation of this special material and your choices are almost endless. The surface can be marked for basketball, tennis, volleyball and soccer. If you name it, it is possible. When the job is completed you can be sure to get years of use without the need for major investment.

Some clients of these top providers have chosen to have chess/checker boards or hopscotch lines designed into the surface. Talk with a representative and share your ideas for making your area one of a kind. These professionals have designed and installed synthetic grass floors and stadium areas that are used for F.I.F.A., A.F.L. and Cricket Australia. If you work with the best, you will get an outstanding play/sports facility that will invite people to have fun.

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