Christmas Gifts for the Soccer Player in Your Life

Your favorite soccer player can always use new equipment, clothing, and accessories and will be happy to find some under the Christmas tree. Here’s a list from Soccer Garage that any player will cherish.

Soccer Equipment

 Balls, uniforms, jerseys, backpacks, cleats, goals, and nets are just some of the required soccer equipment, whether each team participant has to provide some of those things or whether you have set up a practice area at your home. Also included are shin guards, cones, corner flags, hurdles, slalom poles, agility ladders, and more, all designed to improve a player’s agility and speed.

Soccer Clothes

 Unique custom designed uniforms are, of course, the main soccer clothes. Uniforms include jerseys, shorts or pants, and socks Clothing sizes may range from Youth X-Small to Adult XXL. Many outfitters will offer free personalization of the team logo and back number. “Clothes” also includes jackets, hats, hot scarves, and more

Soccer Jerseys

 A wide selection of colors is usually offered along with contrasting colors and a variety of fonts for the numbers and names. Performance polyester fabrics are normally used because they help soccer jerseys stay lightweight, durable, soft, breathable to keep players dry and cool, are colorfast, stain resistant, and don’t shrink, bleed, or hold water.

The Soccer Ball

 The ball dates to ancient times when sculls, round objects, animal skins, or a pig’s bladder were used. In 1855, Charles Goodyear created the first vulcanized rubber soccer ball. In 1862, H.J. Lindon introduced the first rubber bladder that was inflatable, which made the ball easier to control and kick without losing its shape.

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