Considerations To Make When Buying a Golf Rangefinder

Golfers looking for new ways to improve their game is nothing new. Whether you’re an amateur, or a pro, using top golf rangefinders has become a useful tool to help with the game. While these devices may not offer you tips on improving your swing, the information that it provides is incredibly helpful. Though they only hit the market a few years ago, they have already made a significant impact on the game. The impact they have made has led to a variety of rangefinders and other devices hitting the market.

So, how can you be sure you are choosing the best possible golf rangefinder? Consider this list before you buy.

Size & Weight

Remember, you’re going to be carrying this rangefinder around the golf course with you for quite some time. So, if it’s too big or heavy it’s going to be tiring and cumbersome. You’re going to want to find a rangefinder that is small and compact. The size and weight is vital.

Maximum Distance Range

It’s vital that you know what maximum distance which a device can measure. This will help you determine how beneficial a tool it will be to you. The majority of devices will measure over 400 yards, though some cover up to 900 meters.


The features of any product are the things that help determine while value they offer. Aside from the basic features, you may want to look at advanced features such as ESP, Vivid Display, and Jolt technology.

Ease of Use

An experienced golfer, or a professional, won’t have any trouble using a rangefinder. However, for newbies that isn’t necessarily the case. So, if you’re newer to the game, you want to find a device that is simple and straightforward to use. Some of these devices can be rather complicated and are designed for experienced golfers.


As with any big-ticket purchase, you should consider your budget. There are different types and brands available, so there won’t be a problem finding something within your price range. If you’re just starting out, you may want to consider a low-priced product with basic features, you can always upgrade later down the line once you are more experienced.

USGA Approval

It’s important to find out whether the device you’re looking at has been approved by the USGA. This will determine whether the device can be used on tours- if you’re just a casual golfer, though, this isn’t something you’d need to worry about. Unless your golf friends are sticklers.


Everyone who has ever shopped for anything knows by now the importance of reading reviews. No matter what you are shopping for you should always take time out to read customer reviews- you receive firsthand accounts from other golfers on the product that you’re looking to buy. When you look at websites like Amazon, you can see when a review is made by someone with a Verified Purchase, which means you’re getting an honest breakdown.

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