NFL Predictions: Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals have been a favorite team for so many fans for years, which it would be great if they were able to bring home a Super Bowl title. However, the fans still remain hopeful, even if the expert football picks are not in their favor. This is because they’re diehard fans that want to make sure that they’re heard when the time comes, and now they can be with a little help from our experts on which teams look like they have their stuff together this year, and which ones might not be able to make it too far when the time comes.

NCAA Football Predictions and What You Can Expect From the Cardinals

Though they are off to a rocky start, coming in at 3 and 3, and second in the NFC West; they tend to put their effort in when it is needed the most. They can still make a comeback into the game earlier in the season, but you want to make sure to watch them. Not only can they slide, but they will slide fast if you’re not paying attention. If they lose just a few more games, then it is recommended that you do not go with them, but if they step it up this season, you just might have a winner.

The Arizona Cardinal are relaying on their veteran staff to get them to the playoffs. Starting quarterback Carson Palmer has been with the team for 4 years now, after being the started in Oakland. He has been the rock and play caller the team needs. Veteran Larry Fitzgerald is looking to keep his numbers up. He is starting his 13th season with the team and is currently leading the team in touchdowns. The team is also looking to keep their running game strong with David Johnson. Johnson is in his second year with the team and is currently leading the teams running game. Johnson is turning out to be a running back stud. He is currently third in all the NFL for all purpose rushing yards and leads the league in touch downs with eight.

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